What we do

We cooperate with clients in any of the different stages of the process of building a fountain, pools or water games; we aim to obtain a better aesthetic and technical solution.



We try to take advantage of the synergies inherent to each project so that client can also find a more economical solution.

icon desenvolvimento conceitos e ideias

Idea and Concept Development

Based on the place where the fountain or the pool is to be implemented, its architecture and surrounding forms, and understanding its scope and purpose, we develop ideas for water wells, shape and dimensions

icon projeto arquitetura engenharia

Engineering Projects

After defining the concept, we make an architectural and engineering project. The project can be more or less detailed, according to the choice of the company that will do the construction.

icon produção comercialização equipamentos fontec

Production and sale of Equipment

We develop, manufacture and sell equipment for illuminated fountains and water games.

icon execução instalação fontes

Installation and Construction

In this phase, the project becomes reality. We can perform the work “turnkey” or perform only some specialties. We can also ensure the commissioning and starting of water feature.

icon Manutenção e assistência técnica

After Sales

We make maintenance contracts for all types of water features and pools. We carry out technical audits to water features and pools already executed with reports and improvement processes.